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Like any member driven IX, IX-Denver can not exist without a supportive community. The following is a group of individuals and organizations who stand out in their contributions.

Precision Optics!
Flexential, power, and connectivity for our second switch!
Minnesota VoIPhttp://www.mnvoip.com2017Internet transit for management and monitoring
Martin Hannigan donation
Aerux Broadbandhttp://aerux.com2016Founding member
Blackfoot Communicationhttp://www.blackfoot.com2016Founding member
CloudFlarehttps://www.cloudflare.com2016Founding member
Colorado Central Telecomhttp://coloradocentraltelecom.com2016Founding member
Front Range GigaPop 2016Founding member
Hurricane Electric 2016Founding member
Mammoth Networkshttp://mammothnetworks.com2016Founding member
SoftLayer 2016Founding member
Teliaxhttps://teliax.com2016Founding member
Yahoo! member
NWAXhttp://www.nwax.net2016Guidance and support
PCHhttps://www.pch.net2016Guidance and support
910Telecomhttp://www.910telecom.com2015Space, power, and cooling in the MMR, plus one year of free cross-connects for all founding members!
Myriad Supplyhttp://www.myriadsupply.com2015Juniper EX4550 – our first switch!
GDThttp://gdtmfg.com2015Lots of fiber!
Mark Calkins, board member, initial working capital
Chris Grundemannhttp://chrisgrundemann.com2015Founder, board member, initial working capital
Jay Hanke, board member, initial working capital
Ogi Mitev, board member, initial working capital
Ryan Privette, board member, initial working capital
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