Anne P. Mitchell, Esq.

I have been involved in Internet policy, and anti-abuse, since 1998, when I joined MAPS (Paul Vixie’s organization) as their in-house counsel.  Since then I have, among other things, written part of our Federal anti-spam law CAN-SPAM (the only part with teeth, in my opinion), led the Institute for Social Internet Public Policy for 15 years, provided expert consulting on GDPR compliance, done both legislative analysis and legislative drafting, testified before numerous legislative bodies, drafted Internet policy documents for various organizations, and served as legal counsel for, among others, the CyberGreen Institute (they scan the Internet looking for open and abusable ports, and render an Internet health report based thereon).  ISIPP also runs several groups, including a Network Hotline group (to facilitate large networks being able to quickly reach someone at another network when there is an urgent situation), and a Trusted Reporter group, for people in the anti-abuse industry and network anti-abuse roles to be able to report abuse directly to the networks being abused.


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