Mark Calkins

Mark Calkins is a technology enthusiast, motor head, and a general knowledge-seeker. He is intrigued by stability at scale, and simplicity through complex abstraction. These concepts are what drew Mark into the field of ‘building the internet’ in the late 1990s and why he still enjoys it today. Mark has over twenty years of experience in the Telecom/MSO/Service Provider segment with a proven track record of ingenuity and dedication to the craft. Mark is very excited about the non-profit IX movement because he feels it is an excellent way to give back to the community in which he lives by improving connectivity for all people in the region. Mark is a founding member of the IX-West organization and the IX-Denver Board of Directors.  At IX-West as board treasurer Mark has been responsible for all financial responsibilities (AR and AP) since the organization’s inception. Mark has also played an outsized role in the technical architecture, engineering and day to day operations of IX-Denver.


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