Terren Crider

I’ve been in networking for eight years.  I spend the first six of those years in the US Air Force as a Cyber Transport Technician.  While there I worked in two different Combat Communications Squadrons.  I was responsible for managing, maintaining, deploying, and supporting computer networks in remote and austere conditions.  We used Cisco equipment (2900 ISR, 2960, 3570) primarily.  I was responsible for the network from BGP peering to the access port.

Over time I gained knowledge and rank.  By the end of my enlistment I was leading small technical teams on both military exercise and deployments.  On these missions I would lead the construction of networks to support upwards of 3000 troops.

Since leaving the USAF in 2016, I’ve taken the role of Sr (and sole) Network Engineer for the City and County of Broomfield Colorado.  Shortly after taking this role, I led the implementation of a dual ISP DIA utilizing eBGP with iBGP to balance the connections between two Cisco 4451-Xs.  The core and LAN sides of the network are Extreme equipment.  Over the past two years I’ve spearheaded an equipment refresh that involved replacing EoL Enterasys chassis with Extreme stackable switches.  I also administer the CheckPoint firewalls, WAN connections, WiFi, and interagency connections.


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